Hackathon October 16-18

The Alaska Developers Alliance’s second STATEWIDE Hackathon October 16-18 2020.  This event will be held virtually and provide an opportunity for students, developers, and anyone interested in hacking hardware of software, regardless of discipline or skill level, to come together and build whatever they can imagine. This year’s event will be a bit different from a traditional hackathon as we will not only be hacking on technology but also on people’s careers.  Think of it as part career fair, part hackathon. 

In addition to the normal technological aspects of a hackathon, we will be focusing on providing hiring and skill development opportunities for all participants  We are coordinating with a variety of local businesses to find and present projects, meet participants, and get acquainted with our Alaskan talent.  Additionally, we’ll have volunteers standing by throughout the hackathon to do resume review, mock interviews, and chat about general career advice in the technology industry.  

The hAKathon will kickoff Friday, Oct 16th at 7 PM, and will conclude project presentations, beginning at 5 PM on Oct. 18th.  The media is encouraged to attend anytime during the event to observe and interact with teams as they are working.  Media interested in attending the Hackathon or scheduling interviews should contact Dave Bechberger at community@akdevalliance.com.

The AK Dev Alliance is asking for any organization that has interesting and challenging problems to submit possible topics to be addressed during the hackathon. Interested organizations can submit their proposals to info@akdevalliane.com.

Hackathon October 16-18

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Why should you participate?

The AK Dev Alliance hAKathon is a great opportunity to stretch not only your technical expertise but to network with the greater AK technology community.  It provides unique opportunities to work with other talented individuals and expand your network with individuals with connections both inside and outside Alaska. 

How is this different from a normal Hackathon?

Due to the unusual circumstances of this year, we are looking to provide a hackathon type experience with a twist.  In addition to the normal technical aspects of a hackathon we have a particular focus on helping arm the participants with the skills needed to land, or expand their career prospects within Alaska. 

Why a career fair at a hackathon?

With more and more technology jobs moving to a remote-friendly workplace we believe that Alaska, with its high quality of life and low cost of living, is uniquely situated to offer a highly skilled workforce capable of filling these highly skilled and high earning positions.  Over the past few months, we have already seen this come to fruition with several members of the AK Dev Alliance joining the top 5 technology companies.

I am interested, how can I participate?

We are looking for all sorts of participants to join in on the hackathon  The hAKathon is open to all professional and nonprofessional technology enthusiasts.  If you are interested in joining a project, please sign up to participate here.

I am a company, how can I participate?

No matter if you have a project you’d like assistance on, want to promote the hAKathon internally, or want to help sponsor the AK Dev Alliance would love to partner with you to help promote your business to our members.  Contact Dave Bechberger at community@akdevalliance.com to discuss the opportunities available.

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