Key Partner


Geeks in the Woods are on a mission to pioneer tech in the frontier of Alaska. Twin brothers are in Alaska creating Tech Frontier for software startups. Technology has advanced to enable working remotely and being connected where higher quality of life is achieved outside of aggregating in big cities. Being disconnected from the lower forty-eight states provides a strong sense of community – a critical factor in building sustainable startups. 

As our non-profit partner they’re opening up possibilities for the Alaska Developers Alliance and our largest supporter.

Legalverse builds modern tools for modern lawyers. Their SaaS products lower the barrier to entry for legal teams of all sizes. Their signature eDiscovery Solution for Subpoenas and Document Requests provides enterprise level discovery at the click of a button.

In the process of building their primary business they make available individual pieces like their Free PDF Redaction tool to make quality tools that anyone can use.


The Boardroom is about more than just workspace. Members enjoy a constantly expanding network of contacts and potential clients, the synergy of being super-connected to a powerful community, and all the advantages of working in an environment that supports mutual growth and collaboration. Learn more about Alaska’s best coworking space


Queryon is helping businesses capitalize on their most valuable asset—their data. Providing businesses with Analysis, Programming, and Analytics, they work with businesses to automate and better understand their data to improve accuracy, efficiency, and downtime.  Formed by Orion Mathews, they have a distributed team based in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.