Time Team Name Team Members Project Title Notes Award
6:10 Scared Sightless Brandon, Josi, Chris November: See No Evil Servo-driven eye covering glasses. If it sees something scary, it covers your eyes. Demo with Pumpkin, Spider. Pi zero, webcam, two servos, hot glued and electrical taped to glasses. Needed a whole bunch of capacitors to keep from browning out when moving both servos at once. Most straight-up hilarious, best conversation starter
5:14 The 5 dingos Jacob, Zach, Zach, Jeremiah, David FireFighting drone UAV with Raspberry Pi that watches for fire, and drops fire retardent. (Continuous rotation servo on GPIO: servo power problem?) Plane body is an Autocad design, laser cut from DXF in foamboard. Most ambitious scope
5:28 Mack moody, Andrew, cam, kim Dipper the Puffin Puffin game: Unity & Krita platform game, following a puffin’s journey out of caves to defeat the walrus. (3 programmers, 1 artist) Used Unity Tile Editor only at the very end. Best Presentation
6:38 Anchorage Accessibility Team Trevor Sprague, Jack, … The Doors Build cheap indoor door opener, linked with Siri/Alexa. (Current hardware is over $7K/door!) Prototype is an Arduino, motor controller, bluetooth module, windshield wiper motor driving a wheel that crawls along the floor, pulling the door open. (Needs: spring loaded downward push, pinch-resisting cover, switch for limiting travel in both directions, source for power to the motor while on a door.) Startup idea pitch
5:42 TheDevBin James, Matt, McKade, Nathan, Tyler Pi-Let Raspberry Pi controlled AC outlet. Includes an app for setting the turn-on and turn-off times. (It actually turned on!) Outdoor-rated electrical hardware. Use of Arctic Theme
5:21 AccessTheAccessibility Laurin, Mystie Smart Home Device Website for People with Impairments Web user interface: manage a list of devices designed to improve accessibility, e.g., for the visually impaired. The website is carefully designed to be accessible. Most accessible
5:00 ThunderFeet Ethan Mahoney, Grant, Melinda Farmer, Rachel Crosley Icecapades Sidescroller, move left, right, jump. Story: set in Alaska. Evil necromancer wants to reincarnate a dinosaur, kidnaps princess to sacrifice, warrior slowly defeats the necromancer. All the code by Rachel. Most Interdisciplinary
5:35 Will the Water Spill Katelyn, Malvika, Dayne Float Sensor W/ an Email Node Red flowchart to monitor water level with float sensor. Play a sound when the water level drops too far. Best Sound Effects
6:17 K AR Addeline Mitchell CW Assist Radio frequencies are CW (morse code) only. Evidently people can distinguish human-generated from computer-generated morse code. Built web user interface, XHR so we don’t refresh on submit. https://github.com/DelMitch/CW-Assist Most old-school
5:49 BeadedStream Brian, Lincoln, Matt, Jeremy Read installed set of smart sensor chips off a smart thermometer cable (e.g., to measure temperature drop across insulation, ground freezing), by incrementally heating up the sensors (by just grabbing them!), and responds with audible and visible feedback. (Future work: automatic heating and moving, heat lamp?) Reads list of sensors from XML, convert to JSON, and reads temperature. Uses 3 wire industrial comm bus to put sensor nodes onto Ethernet. Use of technology to solve industrial problems
6:24 TensorRandos John Boren GPT-2 Musing Posted Automatically to Insta TensorFlow created “musings” auto-posted to Instagram. Uses GPT-2, an enormous neural network. (These bots really exist.) Chance of going viral
5:07 AKDev Website Conroy, Amy, Daniel, Daniel, Jeff, Solomon AKDev Website Gatsby.js as a static site generator. Idea is to push everything to github: https://github.com/akdevalliance/website. Built Trello to manage 14 contributors. Designed to auto-update when somebody pushes. Codi Award
6:31 Gennaker Systems Jazon Burnell, Bradley PIzzimenti Augmented Reality Beer Brewing Augmented reality goggles, pull up info on brewing hardware as you use it. Vantablack box award
5:56 GiveMeFood Frank Cline AnimalAI Installed reinforcement learning project “AnimalAI Olympics”, built in Unity. Most iterations of a project
6:03 Gulkana Nicholas Alexeev Gulkana Bit-level video adapter: https://github.com/scifi6546/nano-com-retry Designed so it could be implemented in real hardware. A 1MB graphics card with 256x256 graphics, 16 colors (4 bits/pixel). The CPU’s 8 bit bus sends X,Y (one byte each), then 4 bit color, 12 bit run length. Most meta-geek