6/25 James Clancey – career trajectories for developers in AK and working for a growing startup

James Clancey talks career opportunities in Alaska and working for Xamarin before their Microsoft Acquisition.

AK Dev Alliance Event #1 – James Clancey from Xamarin/Microsoft

AK Dev Alliance Event #1 – James Clancey from Xamarin/Microsoft

Posted by Alaska Developers Alliance on Monday, June 25, 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended last night! We had great meetup with a packed house!

If you’d like to keep in touch with James, you can find more info here:

Twitter: jtclancey


6/11 – Sherin Mathews – Opening Pandora’s Box – Protecting Your Privacy in a World of 50 Billion Connected Devices

Public Presentation: Opening Pandora’s Box – Protecting Your Privacy in a World of 50 Billion Connected Devices

Date: Monday, June 11th, 4:30-5:50 pm

Location: Engineering & Computation Building, Room 209

Hosted by the Computer Science & Engineering Department


Abstract : As we become more connected and reliant on technology, our exposure to cybercriminals continues to grow. Our privacy is compromised in ways we previously never imagined. What does a world of 50 billion connected devices look like and how do we protect ourselves?

Machine learning will be key player to securing IoT in smart homes, wearable sensors and other connected devices. AI is specifically adept at finding and establishing patterns, especially when it’s fed huge amounts of data. Luckily, data is something that we’re never lacking of in IoT.  The talk will go over the IOT Technology Stack, IOT Challenges, IOT Risks and Steps to Minimize those Risks. The session will also cover several concrete use cases where machine learning can help improve IoT security such as  Network-based solutions and  device based solutions.

Overall attendees will learn about  :

  • The obstacles involved in securing IoT devices & ways to overcome them,
  • The importance of viewing the entire ecosystem.
  • Practical advice that consumers can use to minimize the security risks of their smart, connected devices
  • Current Mcafee Product Offerings in Space of Machine Learning and IOT

Speaker Bio:

Sherin Mathews is a senior data scientist within the Office of the CTO for McAfee. In this role she creates and develops new machine learning models to improve and increase the effectiveness of cybersecurity products. Sherin is a repeated and requested industry speaker on her research papers in areas of signal and image processing, machine Learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Prior to her role at McAfee, Sherin held research positions at Canon Inc. and Intel Corporation. Sherin has a BSEE degree, with honors, from the University of Mumbai and a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering focused in Signal Processing and Wireless Communication from State University of New York, College at Buffalo. Additionally Sherin has a MSEE in Software Engineering & Signal Processing and a PhD in Machine Learning and Signal Processing from the University of Delaware. She is a past recipient of the University of Delaware Professional Development Award and received ninth place in the prestigious IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest.  She has received numerous other awards for her outstanding performance across different projects and has several patents pending.

Please note that parking is $2.00/hour.

5/25/18 – Feras A. Batarseh, Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions for Software Engineering

Public Presentation: Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions for Software Engineering Challenges

Friday, May 25, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Location: Engineering & Computation Building, Room 201

Hosted by the Computer Science & Engineering Department


You are invited to the following presentation. UAA parking is free on Fridays.


Abstract: The field of Data Science (DS) is witnessing a recent upsurge in research, tools development, and deployments of applications across multiple domains (for instance: within healthcare and government). Multiple software companies are shifting their focus to developing data-driven systems; also, many others are deploying Machine Learning or AI paradigms to their existing processes. In parallel, the academic research community has been injecting DS paradigms to provide solutions to traditional Software Engineering (SE) problems. When one observes the SE phases (Requirements, Design, Development, Testing, Release and Maintenance), it becomes clear that many AI paradigms (such as: Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Knowledge-Based Systems, Natural Language Processing) could be applied to improve the process and eliminate many of the major challenges that the SE field has been facing. In this talk, some use cases from the US government will be presented, and a brief review of the intersection of the fields of SE and AI will also be discussed.

Speaker Bio: Feras A. Batarseh is a Research Assistant Professor with the College of Science at George Mason University (GMU), in Fairfax, VA, USA. His research spans the areas of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Context-Aware Software Systems. Dr. Batarseh obtained his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF) (2007, 2011), and a Graduate Certificate in Project Leadership from Cornell University (2016). His research work has been published at various prestigious journals and international conferences. Additionally, Dr. Batarseh published and edited several book chapters.


Dr. Batarseh has taught data science and software engineering courses at multiple universities including GMU, UCF as well as George Washington University (GWU). Prior to joining GMU, Dr. Batarseh was a Program Manager with the Data Mining and Advanced Analytics team at MicroStrategy, Inc., a global business intelligence corporation based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. During his tenure, he helped several clients make sense of their data and gain insights into improving their operations.

For more information on his research, and contact details, please refer to these webpages: https://cos.gmu.edu/ggs/people/faculty-staff/feras-batarseh-2/


5/21/18 – Canonical Ledgers LLC – Software Engineering Internship

Description:  Canonical Ledgers is a startup developing blockchain based applications. We maintain nodes in a blockchain p2p network, support community projects for the Factom blockchain, and develop decentralized applications. We are looking for a motivated intern to work on software design and server administration. This is a full or part time summer position with the possibility of subsequent full or part time work.

You will be working with our lead developer on:

  • Developing software for blockchain applications
  • Developing software for server monitoring and analysis
  • Developing tests for software and server infrastructure
  • Maintaining and monitoring servers that require high-reliability and uptime
  • Documenting server architecture and maintenance procedures A typical day will include a short stand-up meeting with our lead developer, independent coding and server maintenance, promptly responding to any server incidents with our lead developer, and a brief end-of-day code review.

Full Job Description

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